Looking for staff

Since the site launch on the 15th of March 2000 this site has been growing incredibly. From initially one software pack and one single WordPad rip guide the site now weighs about 132 MB with a lot of guides, software, etc. Naturally this expansion has taken a great part of my free time. Especially the news require that I keep up-to-date with the whole scene on a daily basis. And when I'm working on a guide at the same time this basically means that I have almost zero free time. Hence I'm looking for people who could help me out in any way. 

Of course I'm always interested in new stuff, new programs and everything that's DVD ripping related. If you know of new software that could be interesting then tell me about it or even better, test it and write your own guide about it. I'll gladly publish it on this page and you'll get the deserved credits for it. I can also put the soft online if it's either freeware, GNU or public domain, or link to shareware. Of course I can't offer pirated software.

Other than that I'm looking for people who fit the following profile:

FAQ Writer: A person who has a great knowledge about DVD ripping in general, and at least considerable skills in creating one of the major format rips: DivX, SVCD and DVD±R/W. The job would involve that you check the corresponding forums regularly and read the more interesting threads and catch any interesting information that could be useful for an FAQ.

Translator: To reach even more people it would certainly help to have my guides in other languages. If anybody out there is willing to translate my guides to any language he knows then this is the job for you. Don't worry.. you'll get the appropriate credits. There's a list of all currently active projects in the translation forum, and if you want to start another one these guidelines may come in handy. The translator forum is also a good place to meet fellow project members and discuss issues related to the translations. Visit the project site you're interested in and you'll see what has been done already and where we still need help. Those pages will indicate how to get involved.

If you are a designer or like doing graphics/design.. I might be interested in what you would make out of my site.. or if you have a good idea for both a Doom9 and a site logo. Of course I can't guarantee that I'll like your work or that it will even be used and unfortunately besides getting credits for your work there'd be nothing else you'd get back for it (after all I'm already sacrificing my free time and I have to pay phone taxes every time I go online to bring myself up-to-date, read mails or update my site).

Last but not least, if you have any experience in content management and dynamic website backends and would be willing to help create a backend for this site allowing more people to have access (upload their own guides, write news, add new software) drop me a line.

So much for now... this is your chance to help make this site better. I can only do so much.. Remember: a team is always stronger than a single man.

This document was last updated on January 12, 2003