Useful Links

IRC Channels

EfNet: #doom9 - what do you think?


Doom9's forum - Why should you go someplace else?
DVDDigest Forum - The official DVD Digest and DivX Digest forum
Hydrogenaudio - Probably THE newsgroup for advanced, high quality audio encoding

DVD Ripping news

DivX Digest - One of the most comprehensive DivX pages on the web - DivX News and Downloads - Daily news of MP3, DVD, CD-R/RW Softwares - The place to get all the best programs, games, mp3 and emulator, UPDATED DAILY - Daily updated CD/DVD recording news

Ripping Tools homepages

Audio related - home of AAC encoding utilities
Audiotoolsfactory - home of various audio editing and conversion tools
BeSweet homepage
Dark Avenger's place - home of HeadAC3he and DSEnc
Lame binary site - always has the latest build compiled for Windows
MP3Trim homepage
Morgan Multimedia - home of the Morgan Stream Switcher
OGG Homepage
Rarewares - excellent collection of audio encoding utilities
Toolame GUI homepage

AVI Editing

abcAVI Tag editor - change what you've always wanted to change in an AVI
AsfTools - tools to manipulate ASF and WMV files
AVI-Mux GUI homepage
AVIUtl Homepage
Gspot homepage
OggMux homepage
Project DivX - MM4 tool
VirtualDub - the most powerful app for linear video editing
VirtualDubMod - like VirtualDub but even more powerful


ABRCalc homepage


3ivx Homepage
DivX Codec Homepage
DivX Antifreeze homepage
ffdshow playback filter - universal playback filter for all DivX/XviD types
Ogg Vorbis homepage
OpenDivX homepage
VP3 homepage
XviD Homepage
XviD binaries - Nic - development builds
XviD binaries 2 - Koepi - development builds

Descrambling / Ripping tools

CladDVD - A professional provider for DVD Ripper and Video/Audio converter software.


- the easiest program to use
Mpeg Mediator
Xmpeg homepage

DivX / MPEG-4 Encoders

FUBatch homepage
Gordian Knot
MP4UI - GUI for the MPEG4IP tools
Mpeg2Avi 2 - Iker's builds
MPEG4IP - home of open source MPEG4 utilities
mov2avi homepage
Vidomi homepage


AC3Filter home page
ffdshow homepage
GreedyHMA homepage
ReClock Filter


BSPLauncher homepage
MicroDVD Autorun homepage

Media Players


MPEG1/2 Encoders

SVCD Tools - home of the QT reader for TMPG and mov2avi

RegionFree Tools

Drive Info homepage
DVD Genie homepage

Subtitles - a multi language subtitle database
Radioactive pages - home of SubCreator
S3Converter homepage
SubSynch - homepage
VirtualDub subtitler plugin homepage
VobSub Plugin - add subtitles to your avis directly from DVD

Support Utils

AviSynth Homepage
CDRDAO Homepage - open source CD burning util
Homepage of the modified AviSynth versions
Mode2 CD Maker GUI homepage
mpeg2dec homepage
NBS Catalogue - keep track of your movie collection
ReStream & FitCD homepage

SVCD Tools

pulldown.exe homepage
TTools Site - home of TSCV
VCDEasy homepage
VCDGear homepage
VideoServer homepage

VOB Tools

DoItFast4U homepage
DVTool Homepage - Swiss army knife for digital video
IfoEdit homepage
ImgTool homepage
VobSplit Homepage
Vstrip Homepage - need I say more?

Other DVD ripping related sites

Apachez's site - contains a good collection of DVD related software
DivX Digest - depending on whom you ask the best/2nd best DivX site on the web (you can guess which the other is) - probably the most comprehensive VCD site out there.
Kalel's Rip Guides
SVCD Overview
DVD Rip e DivX - Italian DivX ripping site

Inethaber : Turkish dvd-divx news and download site

Thinking about getting a new DVD Drive? Check here first to see if you can get regionfree firmware.

General DVD news

The Digital Bits
The DVD File
Area DVD - German DVD news
DVD Inside - another German DVD news site - French DVD news
The R2 Project - UK DVD news

DVD Software Players

PowerDVD - has pretty much all the features you can ask for
WinDVD - same as with PowerDVD. Use whichever you like best.

DVD Hardware

Philips DVD Recorder - The Philips DVD Recorder lets you record TV shows or transfer video to DVD using DVD+RW - the new standard for DVD Recorders
DVD Writers - A site reporting the latest news on DVD recorders/writers

Places to get DVD blanks


This document was last updated on April 17, 2008