>> DVD Backup (Full Guides)
  • MPEG-4 (DivX / XviD/ NeroDigital / x264)
    Playable on an increasing number of standalone players and game consoles (look for DivX/XviD/MPEG4 logos). Good quality starting at 1 CD.

  • VCD / SVCD
    Playable on many standalone players. VHS quality for VCD (2 CDs), LD quality for SVCD( 2-3 CDs)

  • DVD / miniDVD
    Playable on most standalone DVD players (not miniDVD!). Content of backup often determines the complexity of the process involved. Good quality starting at 1 DVD±R.

>> Separate ripping steps

  • Audio
    Audio format conversions.

  • Ripping
    How to copy the files on a DVD to your harddisk.

  • Subtitles
    Forced and selectable subtitles.

>> Convert, Edit & Capture

>> Other stuff
  • DVD Basics
    DVD Basics, Newbie Guide, Aspect ratios and DVD structure explained, etc.

  • Document-Overview
    Every page on this site listed by category and alphabetically.