This is a collection of all FAQs I've written since I started out ripping plus some program specific FAQs which other people have written. Please note that you should also read the entire! respective guide which deals with your way of encoding. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information provided by external sources.

If you discover an error in one of the FAQs or have an addition to make please contact me. For all FAQs and Q&As in the forum please make the addition directly to the thread in question.

Audio related

Audio FAQ - all about audio encoding
BeSweet FAQ
HeadAC3he FAQ

Capturing related

Capture FAQ

DVD±R related

DVD-R media list
IfoEdit Q&A
Pioneer DVD-R FAQ
Media Quality test instructions

DivX/XviD related

DivX3 Q&A
DivX4 Q&A
DivX5 Q&A
Codec FAQ - all about various MPEG-4 codecs and their settings - last updated 08/12/01
Fair Use Q&A
General conversion problems - general problems when converting to DivX not covered in the other documents - last updated 08/12
Gknot FAQ - all around GKnot - upated all the time
New A/V formats Q&A
Playback problems - everything about DivX playback - last updated 08/12
VirtualDub FAQ
VirtualDubMod FAQ
Xvid Q&A

S/VCD related

DVD2SVCD FAQ - all about DVD2SVCD - updated all the time
SVCD FAQ - all about VCD, SVCD and miniDVD encoding

AviSynth Q&A

Ripping FAQ - all about descrambling DVDs

VFP FAQ - covers everything around AviUtl, DVD2AVI and TMPG projects and the VFAPI converter - last updated 08/12

This document was last updated on August 9, 2005