Doom9's MPEG Palace Disclaimer

This site is dedicated to help you back up your own DVD movies using the various MPEG codecs. It's strictly non-profit and you won't be bothered by advertising.

Piracy and Copyright

The maintainer of this site does not condone or endorse video piracy in any way. The function of this site is to simply provide information for people to backup their own purchased DVDs to VCD/SVCD/DVD±R/W/DivX/MPEG-4 (more suitable formats for archival purposes). In most countries copyright laws allow the original purchaser/owner to legally make one personal backup/copy for their own personal use. The owner would like to stress that it is illegal to backup/copy a movie that you do not own (i.e.. personally purchased). It is also illegal to backup/copy your own movie and give copies away. The legality of copying a movie for a friend (if he owns that particular movie) may also depend on your country's' legislation concerning that matter.

Doom9's MPEG Palace is NOT a warez site but an MPEG information site ONLY. All the software hosted on this site is either freeware, licensed under the GNU public domain license or available free of charge from the copyright owner. If you're looking for illegal software it is suggested that you go someplace else. If you have any queries regarding the legality of the software contained on this site please contact the owner directly before launching a major lawsuit and threaten the hoster of this site.

CSS Decryption

CSS decryption is an extremely controversial issue at the moment and one which must be thoroughly understood if you are to use the guides featured on this site. If you are new to DVD and haven't yet heard of a little program called DeCSS then you should go and do some research to bring you up to date. DeCSS allows you to crack the copy protection of a DVD and copy the files to your hard disk unprotected. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has recently won against in the first instance. That means it's now effectively forbidden to offer for download and even link to DeCSS. You can read more on the subject by clicking on the DMCA link on the left. This site has stopped to offer DeCSS for download a couple of months ago for various reasons and the people in charge of this site will never give out information on how to obtain this tool.

All CSS decryption tool - even those that have the letters DeCSS in their name - have nothing to do with DeCSS and should therefore be legal. However you have to be aware that the actual process of decrypting a DVD might not be legal in your country. It's strongly recommended that if you are unsure of your own country's law regarding this issue you seek professional legal advice from a qualified individual before using any of the guides.


You may not enter this site if you don't understand and agree to this disclaimer. The owner of this site shall NOT be held responsible for the misuse of the information/software contained within this site. If you abuse this site for illegal purposes the owner of this site will not be held responsible for any action that may be taken against you as a result of your misuse. The individual known as Doom9 personally owns every DVD he backed up wile testing and will NEVER sell, give away or distribute his backups. If you want DVDs please buy them... there's many places that offer you some pretty good deals. This site exists because the owner is interested in the future advances of video compression technology and likes to exercise his democratic right to free speech.


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