Contact info

This page will tell you how to get in touch with the people running this site. There are 3 email addresses, each dedicated to another subject. Please make sure you use the appropriate address or your mail may get lost in transit. Also don't bother sending email outside the scope of the 3 addresses. Specifically, there will be NO help regarding any DVD backup or TV capturing matters. If you need help visit us in #doom9 on EfNet or on the forum.

Submitting a Program

If you have written a great piece of software or found an interesting program which could make a worthy addition of my software collection you can submit it using the following link.

IMPORTANT: All submissions go through a screening process. If something is not a submission it will never reach me. Programs will first be tested by cofferscuffs and if found useful and well working they will be forwarded to me (doom9;).

If your program is already on my page and you have a new version for me or something you want me to test privately use the private message feature on my board or try to find me on EfNet #doom9 and you'll be provided means to bypass the screening process. But most people who would be concerned by this already know where to send their programs to but I will only accept programs I already know to that address.


If you have something nice (or not so nice) to say about my guides, a suggestion how I could make things better or a business proposal use the following email address:


If you encounter a broken link, a not existing image, corrupt downloads, or any other error relating to my site (and not your hardware, or software/programs that you can't get to work, regardless of where they come from) use the following email address:

Before you send make sure to read ALL of the info below:

Please note that we will need the following 3 pieces of information in order to process an error report. Also, please make sure that you submit a correct report by verifying that there really is a problem. Ask a friend to download the file or have a look at the guide. If the problem doesn't happen for him/her it is highly likely that the error occurred on your end.

1) the address of the page where the error occurs (for instance:

2) the address of the broken link/image/etc (for instance:

3) the IP address of the server you're using. If the URL of the broken link is then you have to start a command prompt (press the start button, select run, enter cmd (winnt, w2k, winxp) or command (w9x, winme)) and then type "ping" where you replace the web address with the actual address you're using (for instance if you use http.// to access my site you would do a "ping").

Pages with random characters can happen.. it's usually the browser's fault, which doesn't properly interpret the gzipped output from the server. This happens rarely and completely at random. Usually flushing the browser cache and restarting the browser solves those problems for good. Do not report such issues unless you have flushed your browser cache and independently verified this on another PC using another proxy / ISP and two different browsers on each machine.

Also note that it's not necessary to report of a server is down, I have a tool poll each server every 5 minutes so I'll be immediately informed if there's a serious problem with a server.

Last but not least, don't bother telling me doesn't work. Failsave switchover with based on A records just doesn't work if you have servers that require CNAMEs.